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Our history

From the Grands Boulevards de Paris, Fursac establishes a new way of dressing that’s considered, inclusive and quintessentially French. We have applied the same high levels of tailoring to all the clothes we make since 1973.
Fursac - 1973


“Monsieur de Fursac” sets up a studio in Paris and opens a workshop in the French town of Saint-Etienne-de-Fursac.
Fursac - 1980


The beginning of what’s to come. A fresh style captures the imagination. Open-minded and unmistakably French, the name Monsieur de Fursac becomes synonymous with this period. The campaigns still as vivid as ever.
Fursac - 1992


The first “Monsieur de Fursac” shop opens in Paris at 112 rue de Richelieu, the former premises of 19th century gentleman’s outfitter High Life Taylor (the destination of choice for all chic Parisians). It quickly became our headquarters and we’ve remained here ever since.
Fursac - 2000


“Monsieur de Fursac” becomes “De Fursac”. An evolution in name and purpose. It marks the start of our collaboration with the great Italian mills. Their exclusive blends and designs define our quality to this day.
Fursac - 2011


De Fursac applies its principles and knowhow to casual clothing for the first time. Alix Le Naour is appointed creative director. De Fursac opens itself up to new horizons with typical attention to detail.
Fursac - 2021


Return to source. “De Fursac” becomes “Fursac” and Gauthier Borsarello is appointed creative director. Discerning, expressive and more inclusive than ever.