“My inspiration for Fursac is rooted in the early ‘60s, the Golf Drouot on the Grands Boulevards de Paris to be precise. It was the Right-Bank’s reaction against the yuppy nightclubs of the time, a place for aspiring rockers to make a name for themselves. The entrance to the club was through the basement of a café on the rue Drouot, opposite a legendary tailor whose location became our first store in 1992. 112 rue de Richelieu is a very significant address for us.” says Gauthier Borsarello, creative director.
The Richelieu flagship store has been completely remodelled and enlarged to house its entire range of considered French clothing: from tailoring to casualwear. In line with Gauthier Borsarello’s vision, the store was redesigned by the architects Lecoadic-Scotto and artistic director Franck Durand.
“We approached this commission with first and foremost in mind the clothes and accessories that the space will house - before the aesthetics of the space itself. Our priority was to ensure that they led the dynamics of the space and not the other way round.” explain the architects Yann Le Coadic and Alessandro Scotto.

112, rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris