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Intention and spontaneity

Intention and spontaneity - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Dressing requires both intention and spontaneity. Contradictory? Yes, but that’s what makes it interesting.
Mens suit and clothing - Fursac Let’s start with intention

Let’s start with intention

A good jacket should button up with ease.

It should hold the shoulders without restricting them.

The sleeve length should leave 2cm of the shirt cuff on show. 3cm if you are wearing French cuffs with cufflinks.

The jacket should also cover your behind, without it disappearing altogether.

If a jacket's too big but you like the way it wraps you up like a winter coat. Or you think that a shorter shirt sleeve feels more slender, more racy. Go ahead, do it.

A good pair of trousers is pure balance advice: Fursac mens suit and clothing

A good pair of trousers is pure balance

Neither high nor low waisted, a good pair of trousers simply sit on your waist.

Neither wide nor overly tapered in the leg.

Style doesn't exist without comfort.

The cuff measures between 18 and 23cm depending on your build and shoe size.

This pair of trousers is not too short nor too long. It just brushes the top of your shoe or has a single break. Never more.

Fursac mens clothing - That’s it for the facts, the figures, the rules advice

That’s it for the facts, the figures, the rules

With a bit of knowledge and the right situation, inspiration can occasionally overcome the rules. A generous trouser leg that breaks amply over your shoes, the extremely narrow cut of a slim fit, a pair of tennis shoes worn with a suit, a black t-shirt under a tuxedo, combining black and blue in the same outfit, brown in town and white shoes all have their moments.

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