Since 2019, Fursac and La Cravate Solidaire have been working together to combat employment discrimination, particularly those related to physical appearance.
La Cravate Solidaire is a network of associations present in 14 regions in France, with the goal of promoting equal opportunities and facilitating professional integration by assisting individuals who are distant from employment in successfully navigating the challenging job interview process. Each year, the association supports over 10,000 individuals, both women and men. This support occurs in several stages, including the donation of professional attire, a simulated job interview, and a professional photo session, all overseen by a community of over 1800 volunteers.
The annual clothing collection helps meet the needs of candidates, with the valuable support of partners such as Fursac, which provides quality attire to all associations within the network.
The partnership between Fursac and La Cravate Solidaire includes:
Over 2200 pieces of clothing donated between 2019 and 2022.
Approximately 700 kilograms of clothing collected within the network for later distribution throughout the association.
Support for the professional integration of over 600 individuals throughout France.
An annual fundraising campaign (with 5 euros donated to the association for each sale made by Fursac).