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Designer ties


Although it is more discreet than a bow tie, the men's tie is no less elegant: on a daily basis or to celebrate a special occasion, it is a must-have in the men's wardrobe that says a lot about its wearer's personality. 


Men's tie: the ideal suit accessory

Ideal for going to the office, the suit/tie duo is timeless that never fails to make a splash. Unleash your creativity by playing with materials: silk twill, silk jacquard, silk satin, wool knit, and so on... Our designer ties will harmoniously complete your outfit by adding a certain elegance. At Fursac, formality does not inhibit creativity. Unveil your personality by choosing a colorful or patterned designer tie. Why not opt for a striped or polka dot men's tie to go with your white or blue men's shirt? And don't forget the tie clip to keep your tie in place throughout the day. 



 To each his own designer tie

Rich in its tailoring expertise, Fursac designs each of its items with passion and precision. With a width of 6 cm or 8 cm, our designer ties embody elegance, know-how and timelessness: three key values of the House. Follow your desires and choose the model that reflects your personality: black or burgundy designer tie, with or without patterns... Each model is designed to enhance your outfit. Opt for a simple Windsor bow for your tie: easy to make, it will subtly match all your outfits.