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Corduroy Pants

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Men's corduroy trousers

Men's corduroy trousers are fall and winter wardrobe essentials. Less formal than suit trousers but more sophisticated than jeans, corduroy trousers are perfect for any occasion.


Men's corduroy trousers: simple yet elegant

Men's corduroy trousers are the ultimate casual trousers. You can pair them with a casual men's jacket or a discreetly patterned shirt for a simple yet elegant style. You can also wear your men's corduroy trousers with a men's slim fit shirt or a men's polo shirt for an immaculate look both in and outside the city.


How do you choose Fursac men's corduroy trousers?

The Fursac man always takes the time to find just the right garment. Men's grey trousers, men's blue trousers, men's black trousers: Fursac offers a wide range of styles and colors to complete every outfit. At Fursac, you can also have your trousers altered to best suit your legs and physique.


Men's corduroy trousers: opt for an exceptional material

Matte on one side and silky on the other, rib velvet (corduroy) has long been considered a luxury product. And although it has gradually become accessible to the masses, velvet remains an exceptional fabric and a favorite of sophisticated male aficionados. Fursac takes great care to ensure its fabrics meet the highest comfort and softness standards. We therefore work with leading Italian drapers to select the finest fabrics for our men's corduroy trousers, as well as all our items.


The teams in our e-shop and stores look forward to helping you find just the right corduroy trousers.