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Men's gray suit waistcoat

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Men's gray suit vest: the fundamental item of the complete suit


Much more than a chic outfit, a three-piece suit is intended to accompany you during the moments that matter. Composed of pants, a jacket and a suit vest, it is an essential set for special occasions or simply to satisfy your style desires. 


How to choose your men's suit vest? 

Designed to refine your figure, the vest that complements your full suit is a short item: it should not go too low. Also, make sure that it fits the shape of your shoulders without tightening at the waist. As it can be worn with or without a suit jacket, it should in no way hinder your movements.


How to dress for a grand ceremony?

Going to an important event often requires the three-piece suit. With its waistcoat, it brings absolute elegance that makes all the difference. For a wedding, opt for a full gray suit, for example, that you can complete with a white shirt and a bow tie. Elegant at will, the full suit is also perfectly suited for a business meeting. 


How to pair your gray suit vest?

A symbol of refinement, the gray suit vest complements your white men's shirt with elegance. While it is often paired with a chic suit, the grey suit vest can also be matched with a polo shirt or sweater: it is an eclectic and surprising item that is not only reserved for special occasions. Dare to mix styles and colors by opting for a mismatched vest: made of wool flannel or wool twill, our suit vests will add the finishing touch to your outfit.


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