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The history of the men's trench coat

Created by Thomas Burberry for British officers during in the First World War, the men's trench coat—as its name implies—was worn in the trenches. Characterized by its soft canvas fabric that falls to the calves, this famous men's waterproof trench coat went on to win over civilians before being made forever iconic by Humphrey Bogart in the 1942 movie Casablanca. Since then, it has become the must-have garment for all private detectives on the big screen. 

Designed to withstand the elements, the men's trench coat has found a way to skillfully reinvent itself while retaining its identity, making it an essential part of every man's mid-season wardrobe. Water-repellent, it never fails to fulfill its primary purpose. Worn open or with a belt, with chinos or suit trousers, the men's trench coat accompanies you wherever you go, always protecting you from rain and cold weather.


The men's trench coat: a highlight of past and modern times

Mysterious and elegant, the Fursac man takes special care of his appearance, creating his own personal style with timeless pieces and contemporary designs. Made to stand the test of time, each Fursac men's trench coat can be worn, reworn and passed down, all the while never going out of fashion. 

Ideal for both business suits and more casual everyday outfits, the men's trench coat provides for the ultimate combination of casual and chic, allowing you to flaunt a multifaceted and resolutely French style. 


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