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Lille Fursac Store

21, rue des Chats Bossus
59000 Lille
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Special opening hours
Sunday June 30: 11am - 7pm
+33 3 20 51 29 17 Itinerary
Fursac Store in Lille
Wild midnight blue silk, extra-white Carrara marble, wool rugs, polished brass and touches of olive wood: the Fursac Lille boutique reflects the aesthetic values ​​of the label. Between the desire for elegance and the use of noble materials, its decor is thus designed as an extension of its know-how.
Anxious to welcome you in a neat and timeless setting, the Fursac Lille store also offers you the opportunity to benefit from the experience of its salespeople. Whether it's choosing the size of a shirt or the fit of a men's suit, everyone will provide you with valuable advice to steer you towards absolute chic. Because this is after all the first mission of the Fursac stores in Lille.

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