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Tailoring the future

Since 1973, Fursac has set for itself the mission of designing a wardrobe made to be passionately worn, lived, and passed on. The obsession with quality that serves a lifestyle, as a signature of clothing designed to stand the test of time. 
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Since its creation, Fursac's philosophy has been to make quality desirable and attainable. Our vision is that of demanding and conscious fashion, functional in essence and uncompromising. This is because clothing durability is anchored in the expertise, in the ability to choose the right materials and to assemble them with care, as well as in its timelessness and ability to age without losing its panache. It is an approach that is also based on the loyalty and respect of all those who accompany us on a daily basis, as well as on supporting and valuing the talent of tomorrow.  
“It all starts with the model, its style, its look, its history, then come the materials, the quality of the design, the durability of the item and its ability to age over time.”  
Gauthier Borsarello 

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Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
To learn more about our commitments and how to take care of your wardrobe, browse the different initiatives of the house or dive into our care guide.  
Tailoring the future 
Because taking action on a daily basis for a future that suits us is a priority, Fursac has set up projects and partnerships that take concrete action for a more virtuous kind of fashion.  
These are coordinated around two central aspects, allowing for the prioritization of actions and monitoring of progress and results within each of these areas of action.

Fursac has decided to focus its strengths on supporting professional reintegration and equal opportunities. Through long-term substantive work with various reference associations, as well as training and awareness-raising missions and actions carried out on a daily basis, the House works for a more humane, authentic and respectful workplace, reflecting the values carried by the brand.  
Supported associations: 

• La Cravate Solidaire
• Force Femmes 
• Apprentis d'Auteuil 
• Casa 93 
Initiatives to promote equal opportunities on a daily basis:
• Participation in the SMCP retail lab, innovative and certifying omnichannel sales advisor training for people with limited access to employment 

• Corporate agreements and policies dedicated to parenthood, diversity and inclusion 

• Active promotion of gender equality: 51% of men and 49% of women in the company, 70% of
whom are women on the management team, and analysis of salary gaps in equivalent positions to be able to act in the event of inequalities 
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Tailoring the future - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac

Desirability and sustainability band together when it comes to thinking about the fashion of tomorrow and limiting our impact on the environment. From sorting initiatives at points of sale to recycling materials and products, including active consideration of product life cycles, many projects have been launched to gradually reduce the brand's carbon footprint.  
This is because clothing is our business: thinking about it over time, from its design to its production without forgetting the guide on its use, is our responsibility. 
Actions taken :
Reduction of environmental impact 

• Annual carbon footprint measurement with a concrete emission reduction target of -25% between 2021 and 2030
• Promoting boat transport and reducing air freight as soon as possible

• 100% of our shops in France supplied with electricity from renewable sources 

• Eco-design criteria systematically applied during shop renovations and openings (LED lighting, economical air conditioners, certified materials, waste sorting, etc.) 

• Development of the use of certified materials (organic cotton, recycled material, leather from certified tanneries, etc.) with the definition of criteria based on a selection of independent labels, trademarks or manufacturing techniques whose environmental benefits are based on factual and public factors with the aim of achieving 100% compliance with our environmental criteria by 2030. 

• Implementation of a traceability tool in partnership with Fairly Made with the objective of traceability of all products from raw material to finished product by 2025 

• Commitment to an eco-design approach to promote the sustainability and recyclability of products (reducing the number of materials used in clothing and favoring single materials, reducing the use of iron-on adhesives, banning furs, feathers and exotic leathers, etc.)

• Provision of a maintenance guide to accompany the life cycle of each type of item 
Circular nature 

• Implementation by 2025 of initiatives around product repair methods in order to extend their lifespan 

• Pilot project involving rental with specialized partners 

• Recycling of defective items and donation of unsold items 

• Excess fabric donations 

• Pilot project involving the upcycling of lightbox canvases 
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