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Polo homme rouge coton et cachemire Fursac - A2PIRO-NA01-79

Men's Jumpers

To prevent bad weather ruling both the sky and your wardrobe, and too remain chic on even the frostiest days, combine looking good with inclement weather, and wear a good quality men’s sweater. This is vital. And more than a perfect reason for Fursac to develop its collection of men’s sweaters in a palette dominated by shades of blue (from turquoise through to midnight blue). Then it’s up to you to decide between a men’s sweater with a round neck, a men’s sweater with a roll neck, an item with a V-neck or a polo shirt collar, a men’s cardigan (men’s gilet without a collar), or even a knitted t-shirt. But do note that a men’s sweater in fine wool is ideal under a suit and a particularly judicious choice for the office (for example a cardigan worn over a shirt) while a men’s chunky knit sweater should be prioritised for taking you through the winter months in an elegant yet informal manner. 


In terms of materials, at the heart of the collection you will find men’s cashmere sweaters, whose particularly fine and silken fibres comes from the goats raised in the region of the same name (it takes the down of six beasts to fashion one good quality cashmere sweater). There are men’s sweaters in merino wool whose fibres (originating in Australia and New Zealand) are three times as fine as that of conventional wool. In fact it’s worth knowing the fineness of a wool is based on its gauge with one measuring unit quantifying the number of stitches and the rows knitted on 38mm (an inch and a half). The higher the number the finer the wool, with the gauges generally ranging between 3 and 18.