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Cardigan homme bleu marine laine et coton mélangés Fursac - A2DOUB-DA17-D030

Men's Shirt

Whether it be sober or bright, fully exposed or simply hinted at beneath a closed jacket, a man’s shirt must be as chic as it is comfortable, and of course cleverly chosen. The Fursac pieces strive to fulfil this set of criteria with both elegance and modernity.

While the cut of these famous men’s shirts is more or less the same, i.e. fitted, for all the business shirts sized 37 to 45, Fursac does offer something extra with its variety of collars. So you have the choice of shirts with small French or Italian collars, but you could also opt for a round or a wing collar. It’s a vast array of possibilities that corresponds with the wide range of business shirts offered by the brand. Spiced up with discrete patterns (stripes, checks, end-on-end) a men’s shirt in white, or even sky blue or blue, will be a great ally in the office, is easy to match and elegant for every occasion. But because you don’t spend your life at work and a man’s shirt can be casual all while remaining chic, chose a design with a lined tailored collar (or supple collar) with patch pockets, in a more emphatic pattern as a fantasy print, a man’s shirt in denim or in a washed Oxford cotton, and make a fitted shirt the centrepiece of your style. For more dressy occasions invest in a luxury man’s shirt with a hidden placket, shirt front and wing collar, and finish your tuxedo off with a bowtie.

Beyond the beautiful materials prioritised by Fursac for the fabrication of its men’s shirts (Egyptian poplin, twill, cotton Oxford), a certain number of details enjoyed by elegant men discreetly enhance the quality of the brand’s garments. Among them are hem gussets (the small triangular pieces of fabric that reinforce the stitching of the shirt tails), tower plackets (the button tabs that reinforce the opening of the sleeve cuffs), shirts with French cuffs (i.e. with a folded back cuff fastened with cufflinks) and of course stays (the removable flat sticks that ensure a perfect collar form).


As for proportions be sure to find and keep a certain harmony. A shirt with a narrow collar for example, should be worn with a jacket whose lapels are also narrow. Equally be aware of how to select a man’s shirt which is fitted but not too tight, and be sure that the collar doesn’t choke you when you wear a tie. Being chic is the goal, but never to the detriment of your comfort. Otherwise your days are likely to seem much longer.